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My Background

I'm THAT person... That person who has multiple devices completely filled with hundreds (...of thousands) of pictures. That person who can remember anything she did on any given day because there's a picture to go along with it.


I LOVE capturing the tiny moments in life that might otherwise be forgotten.

Passion Turned Profession

Not everyone has the passion (or is it OCD?) for capturing moments of their families that I do. I realized that they may WANT that passion, but don't have the time (or energy!) to be able to capture great quality photographs of their families.


This made me realize I could be that photographer for other families. Since then I started my child, family, and newborn photography business and have been capturing quality family moments all around Northern Virginia.

Your Moments

Lately, my favorite little moment is seeing the precious smile on my daughter's face right after she kisses her baby brother's head... especially when she thinks I'm not watching! Or how about the look on my husband's face after HE sees that happen?!


I will capture your family's little moments and make them tangible memories!